Does Social Media influence your buying choice?

Does Social Media influence your buying choice?

Unless you have been living in an hole over the last few years, you will be aware of two major political events that have changed the political direction of the world, Brexit and Trump. One of the things to link these surprising results is the alleged impact of Social Media.

The biggest story to come out of Brexit was the impact of Cambridge Analytica but we aren’t going to get into that, we are going to looking into how whether Social Media can influence your buying choice.

“I could swear they are listening to me!”

Everybody when they see a Facebook Ad

We recently ran a quick poll amongst our followers and Facebook users and 88% have experience seeing an ad after having a conversation about a particular product, as if Facebook were somehow listening into the conversation.

We are not saying we can 100% confirm they are not listening but with the privacy issues that have plagued Facebook recently, it is unlikely, what that does suggest though is an incredibly strong targeting method exists.

Facebook Targeting

Facebook offer a number of targeting options including age, interest and demographic, along with the ability to ‘remarket’ (you visit a site then see the ad on Facebook). You can also geographically target users by selecting the city you want to target or by setting up a geographic radius.

How Much Does Facebook Influence your Buying?

The fact that Facebook can target so accurately means it can have a massive impact on what you buy, whether that is immediately or not, so even if they are not listening to you they still influence your choices.

Illusion of Choice

A number of great TedTalks exists on how our own choices can be influenced