#inthistogether an important message in a changing world

#inthistogether an important message in a changing world

The UK is currently in lockdown, the US is in what seems to be the worst of the Pandemic, however hope is in the distance. Spain has started to see cases drop, so has Italy, whilst China is back to normal. The western world still has a long way to go, however their is hope.

What Happens Next for Business?

During the lockdown we have seen a lot of businesses adapt, from Restaurants extending their delivery services, children’s classes moving online and of course gym classes moving online. Following the end of the lockdown and social distancing their will be a clamber for human interaction and personal experiences, whilst we also expect to see a completely different competitor landscape, with a number of business going bust and reassessing investment. The businesses that survive will have a pick of the customers that remain, that’s why it is important to market your business correctly, to be ahead of the curve.

Marketing Support for local businesses

We do anticipate an increase in support for local businesses as buying habits have been changing during the lockdown, due to demand.
A number of ways to promote your business exists including using Google My Business and geographically targeted paid media.

Don’t give up, start a recovery plan

Even now you could be focusing on doing things that you never had time for. Example

  • Sorting out your website
  • Putting together a content strategy
  • Getting in contact with people you have worked with in the past
  • Being more efficient with your time, don’t work too much on things that do not make a difference.
  • Create a blog, record a video
  • Cancel any subscriptions you don’t need.
  • Register for services that make your life easier.

What Digital Marketing elements should you consider in your recovery plan?

Once the lockdown is over, we are likely to see an increased demand for outdoor activities, classes and events. If you run a class, event or local attraction, you should be considering using Facebook Advertising. A geographically targeted campaign, would gain a lot of traction. Facebook advertising allows you to

  • Target geographically (within x radius of a venue)
  • Target based on interests (we all know these can be scarily accurate)
  • Target by Age/Demographic.

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