Why Branding is still important in a Digital world

Why Branding is still important in a Digital world

First, let’s clear up the most common misconceptions about company branding

A brand is not just your business name, your logo or your product. A brand actually consists of all these things and many more. It’s the first impression and continued perception of a business and everything in-between. Fundamentally, the perception of your  brand is influenced by all your business activities. Everything you do will be judged, for better or worse, by individuals and the wider public. Within a fast paced and highly competitive world, it is important to have a strong brand and to be remembered.

Brand strategy must not be ignored and left to your creative director to handle. Everybody within your business has a role in building and maintaining a strong brand. .

There are many aspects to a brand:

  • Word of mouth, reputation & reviews that emerge from the quality and value of your product.
  • Tone of Communication and Visual style 
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Social Media Activity
  • Advertising
  • Branded Products and Promotional Merchandise
  • Public Relations & Press
  • Community engagement with your audience and niche
  • A successful brand creates a special emotional connection with its audience.
  • communication of values and engagement with your market.

Effective branding strategy

One of the benefits of living a digital age is that anybody can reach thousands of people within the touch of a button, however it is important to get everything right so to capture the attention of your audience. Branding strategy focuses on optimising and protecting the entire image of a company.

The Illusion of Choice

Many successful companies not only advertise their services without clearly mentioning what they do in the name but also avoid the hard sell but putting the idea into the potential customers mind, that they are a brand they can trust by creating a perception of size and loyalty.

The illusion of choice is basically the idea that when it comes to picking something example, an insurance company, a comparison site, a phone or a car that the choice is purely your own. Where in fact you trust has been developed over time.

Advertising your Brand

A perfect example of a brand that does awareness really well is Chilly Bottles. The brand appeared to come out of nowhere and it could be that these products are only in a London centric bubble or every desk in the office but does that really matter? because the next time somebody in the office is buy a re-usable bottle, it will be a Chilly Bottle they will buy.

Why Out of Home / Print Should still be considered

The reason why Chilly Bottles is a great example of the use of traditional brand awareness, is the product itself works as a promotional tool, everybody that walks past someone with a Chilly Bottle on their desk will remember the logo. Some of the best brands in the world can be recognized purely by the brand colours. The cost per impression/cost per view of a branded product is minimal.

Other Out of Home activity from Chilly Bottles includes a take over at Liverpool Street Station, an area that is highly populated with the target audience.

Not everybody can afford something at that scale however branding companies and promotional merchandise companies such as www.mug-shop.net sell printed mugs which can work out at a very cheap option