Resource Support

We all know that feeling, you’ve just won a new client, you are excited of the prospect of getting started, then you start to work out how you will provide the client the time they deserve and are extremely stretched.

The resource support service can provide you with the time you need to build your team and deal with the initial client demands.

How Does this work?

As we are not set up as an agency, instead a team of consultants, we can dedicate time to your clients then hand them over once a team has been established. We sign all the required NDAs and can call on a number of different people we have worked with over the years to provide resource.

No Long Term Commitment

One of the biggest issues with working with large agencies is contracts the tie you in to a long term deal. As 2020 has proved, nobody knows what is round the corner, so it is worth considering hiring someone on a short term basis.

By working with a contractor you can also find a person with a specific set of skills to suit your needs at the time. For instance you might have a web project on that needs SEO, then you can get a person with those skill, where when you are recruiting full time, you may need to compromise on a specific set of skills, then make an hire later.

If you are looking to hire a consultant you could negotiate a retainer or a day rate, either way you will not have to worry about things like national insurance, tax, holidays, pensions and redundancy. 

Cost – £260 Per Day

Example of Support

Data Input Services
Google Adwords Campaign Creation